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Dynamic Infrastructure Documentation with Powershell – Part 1

Dynamic Infrastructure Documentation with Powershell – Part 1 – You are here now

When I have asked my students or other IT Admins if they are using some kind of documentation system for the server infrastructure and most commonly I hear the word “Almost” but when I ask them if it is up to date I hear the word “Almost”. Well the word “Almost” is maybe almost nothing. So why …

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The reality of IT Admin worst fears

For the past twenty something years while I have been in IT the environment has been changing vastly and the common issues when I talk to IT admins is what they fear the most are changes. I can understand why they fear it and is basically because they fear that they will be obsolete and loose their jobs, in some instances it can happen like when I was at a …

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Is Security Single Point of Failure

Huge infrastructure with multiple fail over clusters, mirroring SQL servers, load balanced IIS servers, hardware load balanced and SSL caches. The network has IDS´s, DDoS hardware, fail overs switches and routers, multiple internet providers backup lines. All traffic encrypted using SSL and full of IT Admins managing, maintaining, monitoring the environment. This environment costs millions of dollars each year.

If I would ask you where do you think the single …

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Manipulating Memory Requirements in Azure Stack TP2

In my previous blog I said that the memory limitations and requirements from MS was 96GB as minimum and 128GB as recommended. I did some script hacking to enable dynamic memory on all servers that are created. Most of the scripts read a XML file name role.xml which contains configuration for the virtual machine. I was not accepting the minimum requirements and I am fully aware that manipulating the memory …

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Are IT Point&Click Admins turning into IT Developers

For the past twenty something years I have been in the IT industry and most commonly used the GUI as best practices to do administrative things and in some scenarios used VBScripts to be used map drives, printers and such things but never did any real development to automate, do things faster and more secure. Based on my experiences this approach by using GUI would more or less be different …

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Powershell Direct

In recent years when I do some administrative tasks in the environment I usually use powershell and remoting through network which can be little bit frustrating when some networks are in isolated and need configuring the firewall to get access to the Powershell Session and in some instances requires me to send a request to the network team to get firewall opened if the firewall is hardware based. Microsoft has …

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Installing Azure Stack TP2 on Vmware Workstation

Most commonly how I learn is to do things virtually using VMware player, workstation or server. In some instances products are not allowed to be installed on a virtualized platform and in this case Azure Stack is specifically set to check if the install is running in a virtualized environment but I am not ready to use full physical machine to test and see how the product works, so I …

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