Powershell Direct

In recent years when I do some administrative tasks in the environment I usually use powershell and remoting through network which can be little bit frustrating when some networks are in isolated and need configuring the firewall to get access to the Powershell Session and in some instances requires me to send a request to the network team to get firewall opened if the firewall is hardware based. Microsoft has released something called Powershell Direct which is a part of the new Hyper-V Server 2016 and helps IT admins to access a powershell session through Powershell Direct service, even when the virtual machine is in an isolated network or different vlans you can access the session if you have the username and password if the virtual machine is running on the latest Hyper-V server 2016. Here are some tips on how to do this. As you can see in this screenshot

Now if you open up Powershell or Powershell ISE you can type in the following command “Enter-PSSession -VMName AD01” where the VMName is the name of the virtual machine you are about to connect to, you will then need to enter credentials and that would be the username and the password for the domain. You can then do all kinds of stuff through powershell.

Those who are interested in chat can go to #Powershell channel which is similar to the old IRC. Here is a link https://discord.gg/c6vBsWE

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