Manipulating Memory Requirements in Azure Stack TP2

In my previous blog I said that the memory limitations and requirements from MS was 96GB as minimum and 128GB as recommended. I did some script hacking to enable dynamic memory on all servers that are created. Most of the scripts read a XML file name role.xml which contains configuration for the virtual machine. I was not accepting the minimum requirements and I am fully aware that manipulating the memory requirements can decrease the performance of the environment because in this scenario I am not looking for performance but rather ability to be able to test Azure Stack and see how it works. Hopefully this document will help those who are in need of memory and will be able to get their hands on Azure Stack testing.

Before you run the InstallAzureStackPOC.ps1 to start the installation of the environment you need to do some more modifications. I would recommend to use Notepad++ to do the modification because it speeds up the search and replace as seen in this screenshot

With proceeding with this configuration I was able to drop down the whole Azure Stack environment memory requirements to about 27GB with all the MAS servers up and running, as you can see that the servers are running from about 650MB up to 3500MB.

What I noticed is that the environment was incredibly slow so there is no performance improvement on using dynamic memory. Now I would not recommend doing this and you certainly cannot complain to Microsoft about it if you hit some errors and strange functionality in your Azure Stack environment.

Final thoughts

I know that this is not the best way to do things but it works and for my part because I do not have 96GB of memory I can at least test Azure Stack and see how it actually works. If you want to chat I have created a channel on Discord witch is similar to the old IRC, here is a link

Update :

The problems that I have encountered based on this memory issue is that I get invocation of step 40.41 on random machines, that is one time the MAS-ADFS server fails and one time MAS-CA fails when trying to install Azure Stack.

So when I check the virtual machine that is in question, it does not restart and comes with an error. This might be related to the dynamic memory or the disk if you have a regular sata disk as underlying disk.

I will check this out and try to figure out what has gone wrong with the installation and blog about it.

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