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For the past twenty something years while I have been in IT the environment has been changing vastly and the common issues when I talk to IT admins is what they fear the most are changes. I can understand why they fear it and is basically because they fear that they will be obsolete and loose their jobs, in some instances it can happen like when I was at a MVP conference when this room mate came inside the room with a pale face. I asked him if he were alright and he told me that the product that he was an MVP in was not going to be updated and the project was going to be canceled. Well this specific product was very old and there were newer things taking place instead. For him it meant that his deep knowledge of the product was going to be useless and all this time he put into the product was going to waste. Well that is what it is working in IT, the environment changes and old things will phase out and new things will come in instead, that how it is and that is how it will be. In the old days when I had the pleasure on working onsite on client computers, well there was no remote-ing to the client side, there was always talk about outsourcing this and that. I really did not understand what it meant for me but sooner than later I became face to what it was and it was basically the company was not going to have an internal IT but rather rent IT Admins from a IT Provider. That meant that I would be unemployed when that decision was made where I worked, but I had the opportunity to be a part of that IT Provider because of my knowledge of that particular company, not only that it got me further into IT because I was able to get access to other companies that had different infrastructure setups but I also learned new things. This made me realize that changes in the IT environment will only give you opportunities to learn things and learn to work differently.

Now the cloud is becoming more and more used and what I hear for some IT admins is that they fear to loose control and what they have already built will be obsolete and of course loose their jobs. Well this is the reality, IT environments and infrastructures will change and if you don´t follow the change you will become obsolete. You will need to update your self, learn new things. The cloud will be implemented into the company´s infrastructure because it is much cheaper than having an onsite IT infrastructure and of course companies are always looking to save money, that is something that IT admins should be aware of and recommend instead of holding the company´s infrastructure in hostage of old thinking.

What about the next generation of IT what will become of them. When I mean next generation of IT is that a new technology is coming into place which is not much talked about but had some news articles here and there and that is AI or artificial intelligence. Will AI take over the IT and replace IT admins altogether ? The answer is yes it will but I don´t know exactly when but it will be slow migration because the trust of AI needs to be earned and of course it will have faults and will need IT admins to fix these faults. I read a article about jobs that will be obsolete jobs in the future and are for instance “Data Entry Keyers, Computer Operators” and there are a lot more jobs that will be migrated to AI and robots, this is just a small example. IT admins will be here for some time but what should we do in the mean time, what are the opportunities for us. As I mentioned in my previous blog about IT Point&Click Admins turning into developers, I would think that that is the path for IT Admins. There will be much required need for developers in the future and I am certain that this path for IT Admins is something that they need to look at and learn. Don´t think too much and let too much time pass and learn nothing, just start learning IT admin development and be prepared for the future, because it will come faster than you think.

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