Linux Powershell

As you may know that Microsoft has released Powershell on linux a few months ago but I have not been able to test it, so I decided to try it out. I installed Ubuntu 64bit 16.04 and tried to figure out how to install Powershell. I noticed that Microsoft has said that they have released Powershell for linux and mac but they did not mention that it was an alpha version. Anyways I ran the following command

This command lines installed powershell and I was able to run powershell, just by typing “powershell” in terminal. After a few minutes working with Powershell in linux I noticed that it was not quite ready at least managing linux with Powershell. There is a Desired State Configuration there but what I am looking for is not available i.e. wmi commands. Here is a list of commands in linux you can use :

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