Predict the future with Powershell – Part 1

In this blog I will get a little bit scientific with a little bit of philosophy twist, well yes the title says it all, almost. Based on scientific studies and research the brain has already made a decision or action before we are actually aware of the decision, well in short the brain thinks before we do. You can google this or read this article about it. Now that made me think are we really in control of our own destiny, do we really have free will, is our life already set in stone throughout our lives. Based on the studies they researchers say that the brain has already made a decision or an action 10 seconds before we are aware of it. Now lets do some philosophy here, if they have found it to be around 10 seconds could it be that some people or maybe everyone have more than 10 seconds that scientist have not detected yet. If the computer world we create software to try to predict certain behavior in certain circumstances i.e. when you try to google it predicts the word or even the sentence you are about to write to help you type faster or search faster. Based on Edward Snowden who is one of the guy who leaked information about operations inside CIA like the PRISM. It all depends on Artificial Intelligence, it crawls through all the website, all the emails, all the words that have been written, published or even none published material and puts it into a database where the AI tries to sort it and figure out the most likely actions based on these data inputs and gives the user the results where it is most likely to find out a solution. Just on the side note here, the AI is getting better and better each year and it will be very good in the future, even will replace jobs that you could not even imagine that will be replaced. The question is in this will the AI be so advanced that it will have feelings, would your future car leave to work with out you because you told the car yesterday it was stupid, and the car is grumpy today because of it. Anyways based on these information about the brain and the 10 second thingy, could you predict the future just by writing your own code. I´m going to write some short code to show you how it will be and the rest you can figure out for your self. The code will decide the words based on two values and are 0 and 1, the 0 would be a good word like love, peace, hope, happiness and the 1 would be like hate, war, crime, death. The code will crawl through a text documents and count the words and give it a rating based if the content is more likely to be good or bad. It will then display a list of words that you could then use to write a sentence. In this scenario this would be most likely to be used to crawl webpages and give it a rating, I am just going to use text documents you could figure out for your self if you want to crawl through webpage. Based on the content it is a content from users, their thoughts which means that when they are actually typing it, is a decision already made by the brain. If it would be possible as I said above that the brain already has made a decision longer than 10 seconds wouldn’t it be possible to predict the future ? I´m still writing the code at this point so the code will be shown in next part, but until then I will give you a little bit reading, it is about some guy or guys who wrote a software to predict the stock market, but they actually where able to do more than that with their software, the project was called web bot, you can find the wiki in this link. Until next time, good luck and have a great time.

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