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GoLang or Go is a programming language maintained by Google and was created by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson who have done a great impact on the programming language usage in the world, such as C and Java.  Go was in fact a experiment at Google that somehow where able to create such an awesome programming language that they figured that they should just release it. Anyhow Go language does force programmers to behave in a logical way that it helps them resolve unnecessary and unintentional junk code and it is static and strong typing discipline.  I will be doing a sessions of golang programming in my blog so if you want to learn at the same pace as I am, please follow my blog.

Here an example on hello world

Or head over to go playground and do some programming test by your self.


When done compiling you will get an exe file unless you are compiling for linux or mac, and that is really interesting you can also compile code created within windows on linux by using a simple parameter in go build. Anywhow as you can see in this screenshot that I built main.go file and from that created an executable file.


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